Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Ornament Exchange Delays...

Well, here it is December 23rd, all ornaments are mailed out, yet 9 of us have not received. I am hoping that nobody is panicking. It is unfortunate that the postal service worldwide slows down so terribly much at this time of year.

Next year, I will have the ornament exchange mail out in early November. That should make it easier for everyone to get their ornaments in time.

If you have received, yet have failed to let us know here in the blog, please do so now...

Have a great holiday everyone.... and I look forward to seeing the remaining ornaments soon :-)

~ Carol

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Lisette said...

Hi Carol,

I haven't received my ornament yet. But I have the feeling that is the results of the postal strikes earlier this month. Additional the weather in Europe has been very bad, so that also gives delays. Just for example the day before christmas I received a magazine from the UK that was send out on November 30 :)

So I will keep waiting and will put it on my christmas tree next year