Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Quaker Ornaments Are Here!

I just received this amazing, gorgeous Quaker Stocking ornament from Anne S. today! Is this stunning, or what? Thank you so much dear friend... I will treasure this always!

And, about a week ago, I received this super pretty Quaker Strawberry from Marie P. Marie signed up just a little late, as I had already had the names drawn for partners. So, we agreed to swap with with each other. Isn't it so pretty?? I have not sent mine to her yet... Marie is moving from TX to CT at the moment and has no address :-( But... I might actually get to see her at Celebration of Needlework this weekend in NH! I will have it with me just in case, otherwise, waiting for her new address so I can mail to her ;-)

Thanks Anne and Marie - these are fantastic!!


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