Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snowman Round Open for Sign Ups Now

The next round of the Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange is now open for sign ups.

It appears that both Snowman and Prairie Schooler themes came in as a tie in the poll, but since Edgar has opened a PS exchange, I consider that the tie breaker for now. Maybe PS Christmas ornaments will win another poll soon.

So, our theme for this round is Snowmen - you can stitch any ornament you want as long as it has at least one snowman in it... usual rules - NO AIDA, please. No extras, just send your ornament...

Only those currently signed up in HoE or HoE II may sign up.

I will take sign ups from now until May 5, 2011.
Our mailing date will be June 15, 2011. Feel free to mail as early as you want, once I have sent you your partner's name and address...

To sign up, please send the following info to me at carolsutcliffe @ comcast . net (delete spaces):
Your name and mailing address
Your blog URL

Thanks, lets have another fun round!

~ Carol

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Anne S said...

Count me in, pretty please :) (Anne S)