Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Email Account Hacked

My email has been hacked, all my contacts have been sent an email that I am in Scotland stranded and need money...PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS....I am safe and well at home!

The b*****d has also cleared all my contacts etc out of the account too...I have now terminated the email so it is now dead and set up a new one...but I have lost all my friends email addresses...therefore please could you leave your email on the post on my blog ONLY...the link to this post is here...all my comments are for blog owner approval, so I won't publish any of the comments, but they will come through to my email so I can have your email address, I will then delete the comment hence it will not appear on my blog...hope this makes sense.

Thanks friends



Carol said...

Oh no! I stupidly replied "were you hacked?" and he wrote back saying "it's really me, I need your help." I dropped him to spam and plan to report him to my ISP. Hope this works out OK for you!

Elisa said...

lol Carol, some people really have nothing else to do in their lives...I hope I have managed to sort it now...closed the hacked account now...