Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas Box Exchange

 I think we should do a Christmas Exchange and what better than a "Christmas Box" of treats to send to each other.

You can stitch any "Christmas", "Holiday" or "Seasonal" piece but the finish must be in Box form.  There are lots of box tutorials out there and they are really simple to create  - and  - there is plenty of time before the mail date.  You can include treats and surprises in or with the "BOX" you send. 

This exchange is open to all current members only of the HOE and the HOEII.  I will be taking sign ups from today 9/29 until 10/13 with the names of partners being sent out on Friday, October 14th.  the mail date is Thursday, December 1, 2011, you may mail up to two weeks in advance of this date.

To sign up please email me at edgar matt @ g mail .com (remove the spaces) with your full name, your mailing address and your Blog URL.

Happy Holiday Stitching!!!!


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