Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking Sign Ups for Santa Ornament Round

Looks like it is time now to start sign ups for our next round as today is the mailing date for the Stitcher's Choice Round...

We had a lot of votes over the year for a Santa theme, so let's go with that to start off the year, get 2012 rolling.

For this round, you can stitch any ornament you want, as long as Santa appears in one form or other somewhere on your ornament ;-) As usual, no AIDA, please... linen and evenweave only.

Again, this will be a no-goodies exchange (stop breaking the rules folks, you make the rest of us look bad - LOL!)

I will take sign ups from now until 1/6/12.
Mailing date will be 2/15/12.

Exchange is open to existing HoE and HoEII members only. I am sorry, but I am not ready to take new sign ups yet for this group... thanks for understanding - we are a very large group right now.

Happy Holidays to all - let's see more tree pics!

Email me at carol sutcliffe @ comcast . net (omit spaces) with your:
Postal Address
Blog Link

in order to sign up...

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