Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now Taking Sign Ups for Prairie Schooler Ornament Round

Prairie Schooler ornaments blew away all other themes in this round's poll! So.... I am now taking sign ups for those who would like to participate in the next round of the Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange.... Prairie Schooler....

Participants may stitch any ornament they wish as long as it is a Prairie Schooler design. And, OK stitchers.... if you want to tuck a small treat in with your ornament, go ahead. The no goodies exchanges have been great, but since so many of you sneak in goodies anyhow... what can I say?? LOL Goodies are absolutely not required though.

Standard rules apply - your ornament must be stitched and finished, ready to hang. No AIDA - linen or evenweave only.

I will take sign ups from now until February 16, 2012
Mailing date will be April 15, 2012 - much more fun than mailing out your taxes, right US stitchers???

Also... great news. I have a limited number of openings for new members for HoE. As you know, we are now only using this one blog. When we hit 100 authors, we are full! So, if you are an active blogger and want to sign up, please email me at carol sutcliffe @ comcast . net (delete all spaces) with your request and your blog link.... first come, first served :-)

Existing HoE members, please email me (same email as above) with your name, postal address and blog link to sign up for this exchange.

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