Sunday, April 15, 2012

Christmas Birds Ornament Round Taking Sign Ups!

The Christmas Birds theme was a runaway in the voting for the next round... so let's do it!  This had come as a suggestion from one member to do a cardinals theme.  I thought that might be too limited, but opening it up to Christmas Birds did seem to attract a lot of people!

OK...  so your mission this time around will be to stitch any Christmas ornament you wish as long as it has at least one bird on it - cardinal, dove, robin, bluebird, blackbird, chickadee... whatever you please!

I will take sign ups from today until April 15, 2012
Mailing date for this round will be June 15, 2012

Same rules apply as always - ornament must be stitched on linen or evenweave, NO AIDA. Also, your ornament must be finished and ready to display upon receipt.  Keep the name of your recipient a secret until he or she receives your ornament...

Also, do remember to post when you mail and when you receive.  Whenever possible, please post a photo of the ornament you receive - it is so depressing to just read "got the ornament" and then we do not get to see it! That's the best part!

Feel free to add a little treat, but please do not go overboard.  And, of course, mail as early as you like.  I will send partner names out within a couple of days of the end of the sign ups so you can get right on it if you like...

There is still room for a small handful of new members, so if you have an ACTIVE stitching blog - as in a blog you actually post to at least once in a while, then feel free to drop me an email to join us....  carol sutcliffe @ comcast . net (delete all spaces)...

To sign up for this exchange, be an active member, and then email me at the same email as above and remember that I will need all this info from you:
Your name
Your postal address
Your blog link

Thanks, and let's have some fun with birds - LOL!

~ Carol

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