Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PS Exchange - Sent & Received

Due to sickness I've been pretty much housebound for the last 3 weeks, and haven’t managed to get to either a Post Office to post off my Prairie Schooler Exchange to my recipient, or to pick up mail from my PO Box – finally this week, though, I managed to do both (and my PS exchange is finally winging its way across the oceans).  A thousand apologies to my recipient, I feel terrible that it's so late leaving here :(

On a happier note, though, I was thrilled to find an absolutely gorgeous ornie from Edgar hiding in my PO Box waiting for me – it is absolutely exquisite, both in its stitching and finishing, and it will be treasured on my Christmas tree every year.  Thanks Edgar for a really wonderful exchange, I totally adore it! :D

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