Monday, July 9, 2012

HOE Fall Exchange - Taking Sign Ups

With summer’s heat in full force over most of the country let’s look forward to the Fall and the cool autumnal days ahead

This will be a stitchers choice for Finish  - but must be "Fallish" in subject!

I will take sign ups from today until July 20, 2012
Mailing date for this round will be September 7, 2012

Same rules apply as always stitching must be on linen or evenweave, NO AIDA. Also, whatever is sent must be finished and ready to display upon receipt.  Keep the name of your recipient a secret until he or she receives your package

Also; do remember to post when you mail and when you receive.  Whenever possible, please post a photo of what is stitched when you receive - it is so depressing to just read "got the ……" and then we do not get to see it! That's the best part!

Feel free to add a little treat, but please do not go overboard.  And, of course, mail as early as you like.  I will send partner names out within a couple of days of the end of the sign ups so you can get right on it if you like...

To sign up for this exchange, be an active member, and then email me at - edgar matt @ g mail. com (remove spaces) - and remember that I will need all this info from you when you sign up:

Your name
Your postal address
Your blog link



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