Monday, August 20, 2012

Hometown Christmas Ornament taking sign ups

Next round of the perpetual Christmas ornament exchabge is.... Hometown Christmas. What does that mean?? If you sign up, you will stitch a Christmas ornament that somehow reflects where you live or where you are from (including a reflection of your cultural identity) - if you are from a tropical climate, your ornament might reflect that. If you are from one of the US states and you have a chart that reflects the holiday in your state, then you might do that. If you have an ornament that reflects your country, your heritage, your climate or some tradition of yours, that would work too... Challenging, right? Time for a challenge anyhow ;-) I shall take sign ups from now until August 20, 2012 Mailing date will be October 15, 2012 Who is up for the challenge?? Email me at carol sutcliffe @ comcast . net (remove all spaces) to sign up. Not a member of HoE yet, send me an email with your request and your active blog link and I will start the process of membership for you. ~ Carol

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