Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall exchange mailed AND received

I mailed off my fall exchange piece this morning, and when I got home today I had my own package waiting in the mailbox. It was from Edgar, and his stitching is just wonderful! The piece is a Prairie Schooler design, that I actually hadn't seen before (and I love Prairie Schooler!). The chart is #66 "Autumn Samplers". I love Edgar's finishing too, the back is a dark brown fabric with vines and leaves that is the perfect match for the pumpkins on the front. He also included some great autumn fabrics and some treats (umm only some of the treats made it into the picture before being eaten). Thank you so much Edgar for a wonderful exchange, it's sitting proudly in the middle of my fall display now.


Carol said...

What is your name, Blue Star Stitcher?

blue star stitcher said...

Oops! Sorry I'm Stephanie F./bluestarstitcher