Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Halloween Exchange Came and It's WONDERFUL

My Halloween exchange came today and I just LOOOOVE it!! Edgar made the cutest  box.  The design is stitched on a very pretty dyed linen and it has a little ghost charm on it.  Around the edges is a black ribbon and at the top is black ribbon bow. The inside is lined with a pumpkin fabric, soooo stinking cute. 

In the box was a package of Hersheys pumpkin spice kisses, I had never tried them and they are yummy good. I will be sharing those today. He also sent Halloween Mike and Ikes and Candy Corn M&Ms. Notice the M&Ms are open. I have very little self control and forgot about taking a picture, I will NOT be sharing those today:)

He also sent two very nice Halloween fabrics and an edging with Halloween designs on it.

Thanks so much Edgar. You do beautiful work and I just love everything.......Kayona

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