Friday, December 14, 2012

Thank you Lillie!

I received a beautiful ornament from Lillie yesterday.... and nice little treats too. Already thanked her personally. Will try to get a photo up this weekend :-). Carol

Ah, here is the photo now.  I must apologize for how dark it is!  It snowed last night and has been a very dreary day here.... and only got a chance to take the photo 45 minutes before sunset...  not a whole lot of light, so maybe Lillie will put up a better photo in her blog soon....  it is really gorgeous. She also sent me some other ornaments for my tree (forgot to photograph in my rush) and some pretty fabric, trims that, in a fit of cleaning up over the weekend, went up to my stash room. Sorry I did not get a chance to share those too. Thank you again, Lillie, love it all!

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