Saturday, July 6, 2013

Prairie Schooler Christmas Ornament Round Taking Sign Ups Now

The next round the of the perpetual Christmas Ornament exchange is now open for signups!

I had posted a poll a few days ago to see what you HoE members wanted to do for the next round.  Only three voted.... for three different choices. I forgot to vote, life was busy... guessing the same for you.  So.....  I put the three on paper in a bowl, and drew.... Prairie Schooler!

You may stitch any Christmas Ornament you wish using any appropriate (as in Christmasy or wintery) Prairie Schooler design...  As always in HoE, please use linen or evenweave (no AIDA), and make sure the ornament you send it finished and ready to display.

Bowing to popular demand, this will again be a NO GOODIES exchange... just send your ornament.

I will take sign ups from today until 7/6/13
I will send partner emails out shortly after that.
Mailing date will be 8/15/13

I am open to taking new HoE members right now as long as you have a stitching blog that is at least somewhat active....  contact me at carol sutcliffe @ comcast . net (delete all spaces) for more info and to get set up...

Email me at same address as just listed above to sign up.

Hope everyone's spring (or autumn) is pleasant...  hope to hear from you soon!

~ Carol

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