Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Exchange Taking Sign-Ups

Dig out from under the snow* and join us for a spring exchange! This exchange will be anything related to spring, and the finishing can be anything you choose (remember the usual restrictions of no aida, towels, or bookmarks).

You may include extras with your stitched piece, but they are completely optional. Please restrict goodies to no more than $10 US (people like me tend to go crazy without some kind of limit!).
Sign-ups close: February 19
Names sent out: February 21
Mail date: April 1 (you may mail up to two weeks early)
This exchange is open to current HoE members only. Please post a photo after you receive your piece. Remember: if your stitched piece doesn't make it to your partner, you must stitch a second piece.
Email me at to sign up. Include:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Blog URL
Thanks for joining us!
Michelle (Arthemise)

*Unless you're like me and didn't get any snow (drat).

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