Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Apologies and News

Hello HoE Members,
 I wanted to publicly apologize to Jayne.  Jayne sent her Christmas ornament to Marylene quite some weeks ago.  Sadly, we have not heard a peep from Marylene as to whether or not she received it, and I did attempt to email her on a few occasions.  No luck, and I hope that this does not run Jayne off from Hoe.
 Marylene emailed me in April telling me that she had sent her ornament out, and that her husband had died suddenly.  I feel awful for her.  I was her recipient, and I never did receive from her.  I cannot reach her by email.  I hope that she is doing OK.
 I also apologize to Marie.  Ariane had written that she had taken ill but planned to get her ornament out.  It has been some time, and by her blog it appears Ariane began stitching again.  I also cannot reach her by email and Marie did not receive her ornament.
 I do hope that Ariane is doing well also.
 I sincerely hope that when things like this happen, other members will not be run off from HoE.  If there is anything I can do to help any of you when situations like this occur, please let me know.  I heard from Marie that she did not want me to angel stitch for her.  As I was the one not to receive from Marylene, all is set there.  No need to angel stitch for me.
 I would like to remove the exchange from the sidebar at this time.  I pray all understand and that your stitchers who have been or are having hardships are coping well.  I really hope that I shall hear from them soon.



Marie said...

No need to apologize, Carol. :-) I completely understand and hope that Ariane and Marylene are doing okay.

Hazel said...

I think arisen also was supposed to send to me on the spring exchange but I never recd either which has saddened me as it was my first exchange in a whole and I was looking forward to it. Oh well these things happen. Thanks for all your hard work moderators. Xx