Thursday, October 29, 2015

Prairie Schooler Christmas Ornament Exchange - Closed - Partners Names Sent

Let's have one more Christmas Ornament Exchange this year...
...and lets make it a Prairie Schooler Themed Exchange...
There are so many super ornaments designed by this duo over the years and with them retiring this year a little stitching in their honor would be fun!!  

What to stitch: Any Prairie Schooler Christmas Ornament
Fabric: Use only Linen or Even weave
Finish: A Hanging Christmas Ornament

Sign Ups Close October 31st
Names Sent out: November 1st
Mail on or before November 30th
Extra Goodies: None

Please email me at: edgarmatt @ G Mail . com  (delete all spaces) with the following info:

Subject: PS Christmas Ornament Exchange

•    Name:
•    Address:
•    Blog:

Remember as a member of the HOE that you must post to the Blog when you mail out your Exchange and when you receive.
  When you receive your exchange please be sure to post a picture to the HOE blog.

Exchange Moderator: edgar

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