Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Holiday Mail from Rosa

This adorable ornament arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday! Thank you Rosa for such gorgeous finishing and stitching. And when I say stitching, this ornament is solid full coverage stitching (and back-stitching), so I know it took some time and talent. It is beautiful!

Thank you Rosa again for suggesting another exchange. The excitement of stitching something for another stitcher (who appreciates the time and energy that really goes into a handmade gift) brought an added joy to my holiday season. I hope everyone else felt the same thrill as me to give and receive such lovely works.

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie (bluestarstitcher)


Rosa said...

Your so very welcome Stephanie! I am having difficulties posting the lovely stitched ornament you sent.

Dawn said...


Rachel said...

Gorgeous work on the stitching :)

Rosa said...

Do you participate in any other exchanges Stephanie? I'm looking for suggestions as this site has seemed to go dormant!